Slice of Life: The Trilogy Comes to an End

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Scenes from Movie jan2016

This past weekend, my son finished filming the third of a trilogy of home movies that began about four years ago. I have been on board as videographer and advisor, but the script was written by him (with help of friends now and then) and the acting direction is mostly his, and all I can say is: I am proud of him for making three movies but also glad to be done with the third movie, too.

He’s eleven.

He is now working on the editing in iMovie. I’ll give him some technical advice, but mostly, I let him do it. I want him to have as much ownership as possible.

My only parting advice to him as we finished three hours of shooting video for a movie that will be under 10 minutes long — next time, go for comedy and leave the action/adventure genre behind. (It felt as if each movie’s story was the same story, told over and over. Or maybe that was me.)

Peace (in film),


  1. I love your pride and perspective in this slice. Isn’t that so true of parenting well? Kudos to your son for the dream and the follow through.

  2. The aspect of collaboration was the thing that struck me here. Supporting your son and his friends in this creative endeavour is the central message for me. Encouraging our children to be explorers and risk takers is critical to them eventually realizing their innate potential. Love the scene.

  3. Film maker of the future! (and present!) Someday he’ll be a great director! Thank you for sharing the awesomeness!

  4. I’m impressed with how wonderfully you support your son’s creative efforts. Many parents I know are solely into mainstream academic extracurricular pursuits for their children, and I worry about creative outlets for the youngsters. No problems with that in your household!

  5. I think he is onto something. There really are only a very few plotlines. And I think that at a certain age, repetition is the soul of wit. Keep on. Bring the quadrilogy!

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