Sonic Zeega Poetry Remix: Anna’s Soundscape

As part of the Hear My Home Project, we are being asked to do a Resonance┬áRemix (or, a Sonic Remix — a great band name!) of someone else’s sound files. I chose my friend, Anna, who has been capturing the aural landscape of Philadelphia. I didn’t quite “remix” her files as add a few layers on top of her sound, by writing a short poem inspired by my listening and then adding images and gifs via Zeega. Maybe that is the resonance.

The result? This:

Peace (in the remix),

PS — Thanks to Terry for keeping a version of Zeega alive …

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  1. super use of the fabric of sound, text and motion together.

    antispamalzeegics: He put his bugle to his lips and blew, his clef call to friend and foe alike: we are here.

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