April Poems: The First Morning of the First Day

26100491941_538c9af2ed_zI just came out of Slice of Life — writing about small moments every day in March — and am going to try to write a poem a day throughout April. No promises to myself, or to anyone else, but we’ll see how it goes. The first poem … is about writing the first poem …

Poem April 1

Peace (in the stanzas),

  1. I love how you are continuing to challenge yourself with your writing. I am looking forward to reading your poetry this month. The first one is a hit!

  2. Kevin, you capture perfectly how I am feeling today. A month of slicing, and then all of a sudden (after a 19 hour day of driving home from Phoenix in a snow storm) I am supposed to write poetry. YIKES- definitely a “staircase gone vertical!” I love the “escalator of ideas” and am definitely depending on everyone’s helping hands to find my poetry balance. Thanks for this gift!

  3. Kevin,
    Your generous sharing of your creative energy all year long most definitely helps me “find my balance” as a novice, but enthusiastic, poet.

    Thanks for jumping on the escalator again!

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