Blackout Poem: Sudden Focus

I’ve been tinkering with Blackout Poems the last few days, using a New York Times interactive site. But I wanted to try my hand at the other way — of blacking out text and leaving a poem standing. I decided to use my iPad and the Aviary app to color out lines. The text is from the book I reviewed this week: Gratitude by Oliver Sacks.

Blackout Poem: Gratitude

Peace (focus),

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  1. First of all I saw Blackout Poem for the first time. I haven’t even heard about them before. This is such an creative idea. I’d really wanna try to do it, too. It’s totally new way of writing poems. I’m so amazed!
    Also, I’d like to say that you wrote a great poem. Looks like you’re professional in writing Blackout poems.
    Besides i just though that we could use writing such poems as a great practice and exercise for our writers that work at . That should be really great!
    That’s cool!

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