In October: Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology

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I am so honored to have been asked to be a keynote speaker for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing coming in October — a virtual conference on digital writing and learning that is free. Yep, free.

4T Virtual Conference Bio

My keynote session is entitled “A Day in the Life of a Digital Writer.” I aim to explore how writing is at the heart of the digital, from my own perspective and from the lives of my students. There are other many fine presenters, too, all worth checking out.

And there are a bunch of National Writing Project connections, and a push into Digital Writing Month.  You can view the flier here, and register here. The entire conference is online, but made to be as interactive as possible.

Here’s a promo:

Peace (write it digitally),


  1. One door closes, another opens. Congrats to the max. I look forward to being keynoted. Ewwww! That should never be a verb.

    antispam-Ishitunot: ram gonad !!! Not much to say. I’m gonna ad a ram to the list of creatures that have knocked me down.

  2. Participants will love you and learn so much from you! I am always pushed forward and inspired by your work and your friendly presentation of your ideas.

  3. Coolio, Kevin! I sat in on one of the sessions in that (virtual) conference last year. I’ll have to get it on my calendar for this fall. You’ll do a smash-up job!

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