A Day in the Life of a Daily Connect

Created and Shared by Melvina Kurashige


We’ve been releasing Daily Connects every day for the CLMOOC, and even before the CLMOOC started. The Daily Connect is inspired by the Daily Create, and it first came about during an earlier open course called Connected Courses (from 2014).

For this year’s CLMOOC, I revamped many of the Daily Connects from the CCourses project, and have been invited folks to do small-scale activities around connections. The invitation is there, as is the offer to completely ignore the ideas.

Yesterday was interesting, as many folks took the Daily Connect idea and ran with it. The concept was to use words from another writer and “paint” with those words. The Daily Connect offered up a site called Visual Poetry that allows this to be done rather easily (just pop in the text and start drawing), but a few folks just went in their own direction, which is how it should be.

Here, then, are a few of the pieces that were shared out yesterday:

(I used a post about voice and audio from Janet for this one)


(from Terry, with a quote from Clay Shirky)

(This from Melvina, honoring Verena)

(Susan honored a call for photos about Staycations from Kim)

(This from Algot, capturing the spirit of Sheri)

(This from Sarah, taking a post of mine and spinning it wildly)

(Susan honored Algot’s words)

(Kim’s post about writing inspired this one by me)

(And Ron showed artistic flair with his words and image)

There are probably others ….

I love how a simple idea can spark an entire say of creating and sharing and making, using words and writing as the quill of our artwork. The Daily Connect offers up odd, surprising invitations to make art and connect with others. Come join us.

Peace (let’s make it happen),




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  1. The intrinsic joy of these makes them worthy of doing in and of themselves.


    I think there is some next step stuff that needs to happen. 1. Move focus away from digital objects and try to describe the connection that occurs 2. What are the messages about and how can we interact with them. 3. Let’s talk about how this tool might be used in other contexts.

    I feel a bit like a naysayer. I am not. I am all for play as an infinite game that needs not justification. I just want verbs to be as important as nouns and I want us to learn together as a community about these tools and from each other about these tools.

    anti-spaminaysayer-ification: craft mat Jim opened the door with the bag from the craft store. He had a yard long ‘honey do’ list and it taken him hours of playing the beleaguered hubby card to get through it.

    With triumph he handed the bag to his wife. She rummages through and stops, “Where is it?”

    “Where is what?”

    “Well, only the most important item.” She emphasized “i” then “tem”. “Where’s the craft mat?”

    • I think that is how the shape of the ideas, formed by the words, come into, eh, play. But perhaps there are ways to take it even further … We are circling back on “intention” again. Which is good.

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