Curiosity Conversations: Chatting It Up With Scott Glass

Scott Glass called me up on the phone the other day for a chat about CLMOOC, and we had a wonderful talk. He asked me about my writing routines and we talked about the classrooms, and more. It was nice to hear his voice.

Scott’s interview is part of the CLMOOC Make Cycle 3 theme of “Celebrating Connections” and his use of what he calls Curiosity Conversations. I appreciated that he took the time to call me, and we both noticed how the voice connection is such a powerful thing. He uses this concept in his classroom.

Scott, who is helping to facilitate this Make Cycle, shared some resources for Curiosity Conversations that are worth sharing out even further:

I am sure this topic will be coming up at tonight’s (Tuesday) Make with Me Hangout. Come listen and chat, if you can.

TheMake With Me live broadcast with chat on Tues., August 2  at 4pm PT/7pm ET/11pm UTC live streamed with asynchronous chat. This session will also be recorded so you can watch the archive later. In this special, last Make With Me, we encourage you to gather some loose parts for play and making and join us to celebrate the process of connecting with our hands and our minds.

Personally, I’m making use of that term “Curiosity Conversation” this week with CLMOOC, and I will post a few of my connections as we go along. What’s got you curious these days?

Peace (George),

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