And Then … They Danced

Sometimes, a crazy idea becomes the thing that actually gets done. A few weeks back, I had first jokingly commented on something that Wendy Taleo had written for CLMOOC that we should have a Dance Party. Then, I wondered: COULD we pull off a virtual CLMOOC Flash Mob Dance Party? How would we do THAT?

And so it came to be. First, some of us went into Soundtrap, a collaborative music platform, to create a music track. Then, we invited people to create dancing videos, of themselves or other things (or animals) and they did. We then asked them to upload the videos into a Google folder, and they did.

See? That’s the beauty of a network like CLMOOC. You try an experiment and lots of people are open to participate. Wendy and I were open about the fact that we neither knew exactly what we were doing nor how we would pull it off. Folks still danced and still participated.

Although we explored the possibility of collaborative video editing, in the end Wendy took on the task of editing the pieces together into a dance mob. I just love the video for the zaniness and happiness of it, and for the fact that we all pulled it off in time to get it at the top of the Make Cycle 3 newsletter. (Sorry if you didn’t get your video in on time … We can still revise)

CLMOOC Dance Party Collage

Peace (put on yer dancing shoes),

  1. I think this goes along with a truly play-based philosophy that learning and collaboration should be fun. Meaning will come. Thanks for sharing and being a zany part of my PLN.

  2. #digilitsunday
    Wow, I really enjoyed this. I have a lot to research because I really want to try this and experiment much more with video.

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