Slice of Life: Questions, Question and More Questions

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“How am I getting to school?”

“What bus number am I?”

“What time does school open?”

“What time does school close?”

“Can I do the after-school programs when they start?”

“Can I ride my bike to school on Wednesday with friends?”

“Am I going to like my teachers?”

“What time do I need to wake up?”

“Am I home lunch or school lunch?”

My youngest son moves from his elementary school to the middle school (grades 6-8) today, and yesterday (actually, all weekend), he was a fountain of questions about the first day of school. It’s a nervous energy but of the positive kind. He was all dressed in his school clothes last night, with hair combed, ready to go, and was disappointed when I told him not to sleep in his nice clothes.

“Why not?”

Peace (jittery cool),

  1. I love that he was dressed for school last night. THIS is why I love teaching sixth graders! All of those questions! I hope today he starts finding some answers!

  2. Hope he slept in his clothes. Love that. I hope middle school is wonderful and that he learns greatly, has fun, and always asks questions…lots of them.

  3. I teach 6th grade and they are the only ones who come today so we can help them answer most of their questions (and master their locker). Tomorrow, when the 7th & 8th graders arrive, they learn how to really navigate the halls. Sending best wishes to great start to 6th grade.

  4. Middle school was a breath of fresh air to both my kids who thrived there. They met new kids, got to move around from classroom to classroom, experience a bunch of quirky new teachers and be the adolescents they were! Sounds like your son is more than ready for the adventures that lie ahead!

  5. I think I saw 45 versions of your son in my sixth grade class today, our first day back in school. I hope he has an awesome year, Kevin!

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