Visual Slice of Life: Low-Lying Cloud Cover

(This is a post for Slice of Life, a regular writing activity hosted by Two Writing Teachers to explore small moments in the day. Come write with us.)

Foggy Ride2

I was driving into work in the morning. The air felt very much like Autumn — a shaft of cool — and as I drove down a long road that runs beside an old Reservoir, I saw this beautiful scene. So I stopped and looked, and then grabbed my phone to capture the moment.

Foggy Ride

Peace (beautiful and rewarding),

  1. Kevin, this is a breathtaking view that needs to be shared. Even though I have not unveiled Summerscapes, I am asking that you send me the 2nd photo (with or without a poem) for the autumn gallery. This photo exhibits the call of nature to inspire wonder and writing.

  2. I love it when I’m driving and see an image I want to capture. Too often I can’t stop or the picture doesn’t match my vision. I’m so glad you were able to catch yours!

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