Of Aspirations: Student Dream Scenes

These are the aspirations of my sixth grade students. This is our Dream Scene project, which we used to do in webcomic form but have now moved into Google Slides (see my explanation of this shift at Middleweb). These are just one of four slides every student did, so I focused only on the telling of the dream. I like how it call meshes together into one inspirational aspiration.

I taught them about image and media, design elements, copyright, creative commons and, for many them doing a presentation for the first time, the mechanics of a slide show. (Which I didn’t think I would have to teach but I did.)

I now know them all a bit better … which is the whole idea.

I also printed these out (Old School!) and our back wall is plasted with them.

Peace (dreaming it),


  1. I enjoyed seeing the introductions from your students and appreciated your comment about these helping you “get to know them”.

    From 2005-2015 Interns from various colleges in Chicago and Asia spent time with me for as short as a week and as long as a year. I asked each to start by creating an introduction presentation that showed who they are and what their network looks like. If you browse through links on this page you can see many of these. http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/defining-a-terms/215-interns-at-tmc

    By asking them to do this I was able to learn more about them, and what their capabilities were, which enable me to help guide them to the type of projects they would work on. It also helped me understand their network, and who might look at their projects.

    Within the networks of people who look at their work could be people who could be change-makers in applying the ideas I’ve been sharing. I’m still connected to many of these students, and still encouraging them to share these ideas with people they know.

  2. Kevin:
    This was awesome! Some transitions went too fast so I couldn’t read them completely but I like how they have diverse dreams, especially about making the world a better place for animals. I was surprised to see how many want to be YouTube stars, I haven’t heard my kids mention that but I will keep my ears even more perked up!

    For International Dot Day my sixth graders made their mark( their dot) on fabric and created a selfie-video of how they plan to make their mark in the world. W-O-W! Give kids some privacy and a camera and mind blown! We have learned so much about what our kids are made of, what they aspire to, what they’re interested in with a video as short as 7 seconds and as long as 2min 30sec, it’s amazing! I’m still working on them, I see sixth graders once a week for 15 min in the library, trust me it never sticks to 15 min I extend it for as long as their reading teacher allows. We’ve been making these videos during their lunch time, outside, so it’s taken longer than just the week we celebrated International Dot Day. I plan to use iMovie to put them all together and share them, with all of the students.

    The printing out and pasting on your back wall? Genius! I can imagine how they look at it to remind themselves of what they dream of achieving when the day has been rough.

    Have an amazing rest of the week!

    (I actually came to your blog to take a look at the resources from your last post, see if our students can use any of them to participate and collaborate with classes in Global Read Aloud 2016, and got distracted by this post!)


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