Why Do YOU Write? (The National Day on Writing)

Today, my sixth graders will be writing to the prompt of “Why I Write” — which is the theme of this year’s National Day on Writing. I aim to show them Garageband for the first time this year, and get some of them podcasting their voices as a class. We will then share out via our class Soundcloud account, and on our class website, and be “part of the conversation” of the world.

The other day, I wrote about why I write digitally.

Why I Write Digitally 2016

I also found and revised a poem I had written before on the theme of why I write.

Why I Write poem 2016

And I found this podcast mentor text from a past year when Why I Write was a theme of the National Day on Writing. I’ll be sharing it out with students today.

Why do you write?

Peace (celebrate it in writing),

  1. If you have never read Richard Rhodes, “How to Write”, make it so. He says that writing is tied to both suffering and healing. I agree. I tried to answer the question for National Writing Day, but I have the same problem with that prompt as I do with ds106 prompts…i just don’t wanna. Rhodes’ first chapter may be the single best answer I have ever come across. He argues that writing dampens our sense of isolation, but that’s only if someone reads what you have to suffer, if someone says,”I hears ya bro.” And that has to keep happening because isolation is like a fog that keeps coming back no matter how many times Donne says no man is an island. It is in this way that I hear ya, bro.

    antispamibigding: gouge bat The pitcher-the ball-the arc-the blink-the swing-the gouge of the bat on the seams–the arc-the crowd-the intake of breath–yes, yes, yes.

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