Slice of Life: A Gift of Words

(This is a post for Slice of Life, a regular writing activity hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write about the small moments. You are invited. Come write with us.)

Never Give Up

“This is for you,” she said, finishing up the last bit of art on the page. I had been wondering what she was doing. As the rest of the class had moved on to another activity, she had been hard at work. “Because this is what you always tell us.”

And with that, this sixth grader┬áhanded me this beautiful hand-drawn sign, which I immediately put up in the classroom. Sometimes, it’s nice to hear that the message is getting through. Always, it’s humbling to receive a gift of your words coming right back, amplified through the art of a student.

Peace (persevere),

  1. What a great slice! I love your last line the most- it is humbling to have your own words brought back to you. I am sure she noticed that you put it up.

  2. The fact that she knew she could keep working even though the class had moved on is testament to your message and her sign. You give them the space they need to think, practice, question and reflect.

  3. Love this. Our students don’t know how much this snippets of paper mean to us. I have many in a treasure box. Others now reside in cyberspace.

    You must frame this art.

  4. You responded to my very first slice on TWT. I still remember and appreciate it so much. I’m still trying to work on being a more thoughtful writer and teacher. Your post is fuel. Thank you.

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