#DigiWriMo #CLMOOC: Making Simple Animation with Para Para


Here are steps to making and sharing a simple stopmotion animation with Para Para Animation (part of Mozilla’s Webmaker family … I think …) Warning: The site is kind of funky at times and not always completely stable. And I am not sure how well it works on mobile devices. Just warning you. But I have used it with students and they LOVE it for the simplicity and easy entry point. You will, too.

Here is the Para Para Animation Site

Using ParaPara Animation1
Using ParaPara Animation2
Using ParaPara Animation3
Using ParaPara Animation4
Using ParaPara Animation5
Using ParaPara Animation6
Using ParaPara Animation7

Well .. good luck. Share your art out at #clmooc or #digiwrimo or wherever you find yourself.

Peace (framing it one at a time),


  1. That was fun. Thanks.

    I am not sure when i will teach an age group that will enjoy it but I guess that means I will have to enjoy playing with it.

  2. Nice tutorial. I haven’t actually generated anything in Para Para, but DID eventually figure out what to do with that blank initial screen!

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