Building a NetNarr (Word) Cloud World

I found myself immersed in the Tagul word cloud generator, using the entire Networked Narrative website as my canvas, tinkering with word choices and frequencies … all in a move to paint a visual world with words and I ideas.

I like how it came out.

NOTE: Alan clicked on the animation and it brought him to a sale site. What the heck! That was not my intention. Don’t bother going to animated word cloud. Sorry about that.

(I tried to embed the animated cloud here, which allows you to roll-over words to enlarge them, sort of like exploring the world from above, but, alas .. the embed didn’t work. Go here to check out the animated version.) 


 Peace (turning slowly on our axis),
  1. (second try because of edublogs crappy captcha interpreter, which if it grades my wrong, eats my comment).

    This is very cool Kevin, thanks for playing out ideas why we are slow on developing the course.

    I like the animation, but what I don’t like is the hyperlink on all words to — that’s kind of sleazy in my book, and not at all what I expected.

    (now I am copying my comment so it does not get eaten again)

    • Oh .. I didn’t notice that linking to shopping site … let me see if I can fix it … Nope … killed the link and I should have seen that earlier … apologies to anyone who bothered to follow that link …

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