Slice of Life: Rally at the Rally

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There’s something powerful being in the midst of thousands of people, rallying for a cause. This weekend, my wife, older son (on his way back to college) and I joined in with about 6,000 other people on the public space of Boston’s Fanueil Hall, beneath the statue of Samuel Adams, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren fired up the public fight to try to save health care from the Republicans now in power in Washington DC.

Rally in Boston

It was my son’s first political rally as an adult, I think, although his campus is surely a hotbed of political activity these days. He has always been more Libertarian/contrarian than Democrat, so I am not sure what he got out of it. But he was yelling and clapping, too. For me, listening to Warren, and other guests at the podium, had an energizing effect, and there is a feeling that this anger and distrust of the GOP is not an isolated activity.

“Repeal and Run is for Cowards.” — Elizabeth Warren, on the GOP’s move to repeal with no known plan to replace health care coverage for millions of people.

Rally in Boston

Whether it becomes a movement of resistance will be seen, I guess, but I was heartened by Warren’s rhetoric and I know, from watching her from afar as my senator, that she is and will be a thorn in the side of Trump. Just being a thorn is OK, for now, but I also hope that something constructive can emerge that brings us together, and not more deeply apart, as a country.

Rally in Boston

Peace (mixed with resistance),

  1. I had my own activist weekend and also felt inspired.How cool to be able to share it with your son. There is some comfort to the idea that there will continue to be resistance.

  2. There have been so many rallies lately. I’m never sure if the press is covering them like they truly are. It is interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was there.

  3. I was drawn to your post because next weekend, I will be participating in the Women’s March on the Capitol here in Austin, as women around the globe gather to speak out on issues that directly affect our gender and our country as a whole. It will be my first ever political rally. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Kevin, knowing that peace could be on the horizon is a soothing thought these days but I think we are in for a long trek toward it. Thanks for shedding light on the pulse beat in Massachusetts.

  5. Thanks for sharing your view of the day. I saw some news clips and as always had to think of “perspective” of the story!

    We need positive forward action!

  6. Thanks for sharing this and for attending the rally, letting Elizabeth Warren, and other politicians, know that you care. Let’s hope those on the other side hear your voices.

  7. It is always lovely to share an experience like this with our children. I find solace in activism, especially when I can stand physically shoulder-touching-shoulder with others. Glad you experienced a bit of that at the rally.

  8. Thanks for bringing the march to us. It’s a pleasure to see so many people speaking out right now. (If I didn’t have a baby at home, I’d want to be out there too.)

  9. I read your post originally on my phone and SMILED a full on smile as I read the line….”It was my son’s first….” You sounded like a child of the 60’s (I know how that sounds) as you proudly protested with our progeny!

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