TIE Proposal: Making Interactive Fiction

I am pitching this idea on Interactive Fiction Writing at the Technology in Education Conference in Western Massachusetts as part of the “unconference” part of the, eh, conference today. So, if my ideas gets accepted, you are probably here. If not accepted, you are still here. Welcome. Now, how about making a playable story?

There are many posts here about Interactive Fiction and digital writing, if you are interested.

Peace (in every direction),


  1. A gem of a post. I can see the threads of a lot of what you have been working on in your classroom and on your blog coming together here. There are new genres rising up for the next generation (and our generations) to master and while the tools will change, the elements of this new storytelling rhetoric are there to be taken up and used just like they were when Homer sang the Odyssey.

    anti-spam-itoon: deeper pi Pi. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the arithmeship Pi. Our goal? Deeper Pi. As deep as that 3.14 will go, baby. [Cue the music]

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