Curiosity Conversation: Virtual Reality Storytelling


I have known Bonnie Kaplan for more than a decade now, through our affiliation with the National Writing Project and our common interest in digital storytelling. She is an avid video documentary filmmaker, and we have jumped into more than a few projects over the years (including the Collaborative ABC Project and the launch of the iAnthology writing space for NWP-affiliated teachers).

When I learned she was just back from a course on Virtual Reality Storytelling, out in California, I wanted to chat with her, to pick her brain a bit about the potential and the possibilities of this new technology in terms of where it might lead us into storytelling down the road. (You can read her blog reflections here).

Then I remembered Scott Glass and his Curiosity Conversation ideas from CLMOOC this past summer, in which one teacher reaches out to record a discussion with another on a topic of personal interest, so Bonnie and I chatted via Hangout.

I am grateful for her time and friendship, and her reminder that stories are at the heart of any digital storytelling.

Peace (in the chat),

  1. Thanks for this interesting conversation, Kevin. I checked out Bonnie’s blog, but she goes t have Comments turned on. I would have asked her if the people from The Story Center in Berkeley were there? That’s where I went to get my Certificate in Digital Storytelling (a UC Denver cert but in collaboration w The Story Center and Joe Lambert).
    I think the VR tech is fascinating and will soon have better and more seamless stitching software.

    • Sandy
      Bonnie attended the Center for Digital Storytelling years ago, before I met her, but it was her experience there that led she and I to have discussions about digital storytelling, and how the Web might open new doors (which the Center had not yet dove into but maybe has now)

  2. Hi Kevin and Sandy
    I’m currently working with StoryCenter and they are moving to an online video editor, WeVideo, to simplify the tech issues. As we know this sword cuts both ways. I think it’s important to focus on the story circle process and use whatever tech is available to digitize my stories.

    • I like WeVideo but I remember the free version had this HUGE watermark that made me abandon it. Is that still the case? Are they teaching collaborative online digital storytelling?

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