Further Folding: A #NetNarr Multimedia Interpretation

Zeega Folded Story

I took the audio of the collaborative Folded Story that I shared yesterday and put the audio into a Zeega production (Thanks, Terry) and began to construct a media interpretation.

I grabbed out phrases, and met those words with images. The reader moves at their own pace, so the Zeega may not be in sync. That’s OK. I think the Zeega is a poem in and of itself, influenced by but different from the original.

You can move and read and listen at your own pace.

Experience the Unfolded Story as Zeega

(NOTE: Some browsers don’t like Zeega because of “unsafe scripts.” ┬áThis has to do with Terry hosted a version of Zeega on his own, I think. You can click on the option in the URL bar to allow the scripts to be read by your browser.)

Peace (unfolded),

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  1. I know how much work this was. A lot. I dig it. There is so much more now than before. The layering of sound and sense and your voice takes the original anarchic exquisite corpse and transforms it. It could be a story on a podcast. standing alone or part of serialization, a networked narrative, a soundcloud playlist. Yeah, you did it. Thanks for all hard work here. So many artistic decisions. Good on ya. No, great on ya.

    Antimapsification: sled judo It was the singlemost bizarre thing he had ever seen, a combination of dogsledding and Brazilian jiu-jitsu: sled judo. You gotta see it to believe it.

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