At Middleweb: A Plethora of Writing Ideas

I recently reviewed this new book — The Writing Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Writers by Jennifer Serravallo – and I thought it covered a lot of ground in a fairly easy-to-use format. There are a wide range of ideas for the classroom on engaging young writers. I counted about 300 ideas in here. That’s a lot of possibilities.

I wrote in my review:

Flip through the book to find a ton of great ideas — helping students engage more with their own writing process; organizing ideas for short and longer fiction and non-fiction pieces; structuring assignments for all learners, or providing structure for student collaboration opportunities.

See what you think. Read the review over at Middleweb.

Peace (in books),

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  1. Thank you for this post. While I am not necessarily a young writer (I am a senior in High School) I am one who is really trying to develop into not only a good writer, but one who really enjoys writing, too. I like to write fictional pieces; pieces that are crafted with my own imagination and do not have any pre-set boundaries. I admittedly struggle with prompted writing and writing to a set of guidelines or about things that are not necessarily fiction (essays are a good example). I will definitely be reviewing this book to see if it has any valuable practice items for me.I will also be peeking at some of your other posts, too, as I am working on reading a lot more and am always looking for suggestions!

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