Slice of Life: Reveling in a Quiet Room

(This is for the Slice of Life, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write each Tuesday — and all through March —  about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.)

Every year, for past nine years, I have looked at the March Slice of Life Challenge, and thought: I can’t do it. A Slice of Life post — looking at the small moments of the day — every single day? I have other things going on! But then, I seem to mostly do it, right through every day in March. Tomorrow will be the 10th March that I have dipped into Slice of Life with the folks and friends at Two Writing Teachers. It’s a reason to write. It’s a reason to take notice of the small moments of the world. It’s a reason to connect with others (commenting on other blogs is highly encouraged).

So, here I am on, on a regular Tuesday Slice of Life .. getting ready of the first March Slice of Life that starts tomorrow ….

We came back yesterday from Winter Break, and I returned with a cough and cold that lingered and returned from two weeks prior. It made for a long first day back, as you might imagine. I was sucking cough drops and chugging juice, and hoping my voice would hold out. It did, barely.

I also started the new week with an expected IEP meeting right at the start of the day. I had it in my calendar as being later in the day and made plans, and suddenly realizing that either I had it wrong or someone changed the time without me knowing about it had me scrambling like crazy for the substitute teacher, and that panicky sense of the day never left me.

At the end of the day, I just sat there in my chair in an empty room, taking in the quiet. It was one of those days.

Peace (in the room),


  1. I hope the cough is gone soon. I am going back to work today after mid-winter break too. I have been there too, with the cough, meetings etc. I hope today is great!

  2. Kevin–Congrats on participating for 10 years in the SOLC! What an accomplishment! This will be my third year and the challenges and year long slicing have been quite a powerful experience for me. (Even though I’m excited to start tomorrow, I admit I’d have preferred that March 1 didn’t fall on a Wed, right after a slicing Tues!) I can also relate to your post as I had an unexpected meeting come up yesterday (our first day back as well) and know too well that feeling of scrambling to come up with coherent sub plans. Yuck! Feel better and take those moments to revel in the quiet!

  3. Oh God, you brought me right along with you. The cold, the rushed morning, the silent afternoon feeling the moment. Good luck with SOL March! It always seems to work out, doesn’t it?

  4. Congratulations on hanging in there for 10 years–and for hanging in there during your first day back, cold and meeting and all. I’m looking forward to sharing another SOLC with you and the other regulars, and seeing what the newbies have to offer. I can empathize with the health issues as well; just now getting my voice back to read-aloud status. Speedy healing!

  5. I think this is my second or third year with the March challenge and at first I hesitated to sign up–thinking too that it was to much of a commitment for me to make. Then I decided to just do it as writing brings me to understandings I simply didn’t know.

    You doing this for the 10th year gives me hope and inspiration. Thanks:)

  6. It will be my 4th year. Ten years is impressive and inspiring. Unexpected scrambles like you experience through me off for the whole day. I’m glad you had a bit of peace at the end of your day.

  7. Ah yes. One of those days. Sometimes I think that is what teachers do best. Accommodate the unexpected. Bravo for getting through your day!

  8. I’m glad to see you returning. This is my fourth year. I’ll always remember you as the first slicer to leave me a comment on my very first slice. It meant so much to me and helped me face my fear of white space. Thank you and best wishes for health and a satisfying March of slicing!

  9. I didn’t even have to read your post – the title did it for me. I then reveled in the idea of a quiet room. Happy Slicing!

  10. One of those days makes the quiet time so needed, Kevin. I can definitely relate to your cough and cold issue. I had mine throughout the month of January & into February. Stay well.

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