Slice of Life (Day 11): Quidditch Comes Early

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write all through March, every day, about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.)

Regular readers here (Thank you) will know that our school plays our version of the game of Quidditch, and we have a Quidditch Tournament Day every year in which all four sixth grade classes compete for a full day. It’s very fun and very crazy, and it’s a unique experience for our students. They may someday play Quidditch in college, but the college way is not our way, not by a long shot (and we think our rules and our game is much better than what is played on the college club circuit).

Quidditch Tshirts 2017

Quidditch comes early this year because of shifts in the standardized testing season, and with the tournament coming during the school day on March 30 (and at night, we teachers play the kids — our team name is Pink Fury), there is a lot to do with creating posters and, as they were doing yesterday, making t-shirts to wear on Tournament Day.

Quidditch Tshirts 2017

My class came up with the team name of Blue Barbarians, which is not a name our class (with main color, blue) has had before. We’re often a cold or ice name.

We made this video a few years ago to show other schools how we play our game. We’re OK if others “borrow” the rules and adapt for their own situations.

Given that our Quidditch season at school coincides with Slice of Life here at the blog, you can probably expect more updates through the month. We connect writing, art, and physical education. We work on teamwork and collaboration as a class community, and we talk about winning and losing and other social skills, and more … all connected to the notion of Literature in Motion that drives our Quidditch season.

Peace (in snitches and quaffles),


  1. While I have read Harry Potter many times, I had never really pictured Quidditch in ‘real’ time. I watched the video. It was terrific. I’m sure you students look forward to this year after year.

    • They do, Susan. It is a huge community event at our school … all the classes and families come to watch, so they can often have a few hundred people watching the Quidditch games being played. As our Physical Education teachers tells our students, it may be the largest audience they ever have for an athletic event (and everyone participates).

  2. Your school is an amazing place. I’ve known that for years as I’ve watched the amazing things amazing teachers – ilke you – have initiated to make sure students were motivated to learn.

  3. This is amazing. Although my 6th graders usually love HP, this year’s class is especially into it. I don;t really know why, but I celebrate it. I am now wondering how I can get some wort of Quidditch thing going.

  4. I love that Quidditch is still going strong at Norris! So much fun! I love that it’s integrated into various coursework. Lucky, lucky students to attend such a creative, fun-loving school!

  5. What a fun event for your school! My own kids and I have listened to the entire Harry Potter series this school year…I imagine they would love something like this for sure!

  6. Kevin,
    It’s been a long time since I’ve come to your blog. I’ve been sorely out of practice writing in my blog space, but I’m enjoying the Slice of Life this month, for my first time ever.

    Thanks for the great video with such good descriptions and examples by your students. Anyone could play this game. I think it is awesome that some of the students said they have looked forward to it since Kindergarten. It sounds like your school is a great place to be.

    Enjoy the Quidditch tournament!


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