Slice of Life (Day 28): Who Was Here

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write all through March, every day, about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.)

We had a bunch of friends and neighbors over last night to celebrate what seems to be an overflowing group of March birthdays (including one of my sons, whose birthday is today). We had food, drink and lots of conversations.

Here’s who was here:

  • One college professor of political science
  • One chiropractor
  • One financial bookkeeper for a retail toy store
  • One school administrator
  • One teacher (me!)
  • Three students (two high school/one middle school)
  • One independent filmmaker and film editor

It was a pleasant gathering for a Monday night.

Peace (in talk and more),

  1. It sounds like you have a great neighborhood. I do to and it makes all the difference in my life. I love how you listed who was there by what they did –great for your kids to see all the options in life. All the choices they have to find their passion. Thank you for sharing.

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