Slice of Life (Day 31): Celebrating Losing

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write all through March, every day, about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.)

Yesterday was Quidditch Tournament Day at our school, and my sixth grade classroom team — the valiant Blue Barbarians — just barely lost the 2017 championship. Just barely, by just a few points. That fact that it was so close, particularly given the athletic talent of the team that won, was cause of some celebration at the end of the long day of playing in our Quidditch Tournament. The last game — which featured our team versus the team that eventually won before an audience of a few hundred students, staff and family members — was right down to the wire. Every player was giving it their all with teamwork and hustle and positive energy.

What more could you ask for?

At night, we teachers came together as Pink Fury, and we played our sixth graders in our own Students vs. Teachers Quidditch match, and boy, I am tired and sore today. We didn’t win, either. In fact, the students beat us pretty thoroughly, but it was a great time, and fun to interact with them outside of the academic classroom.

The problem is that each year, we, the teaching staff, get a bit older — and slower, and more likely to tire out quickly — while our sixth graders each year stay the same age, like Peter Pan on the athletic gym floor. And with nearly 65 students signed up, they kept coming at us with fresh legs and arms. Eighty minutes of running, jumping, defending, throwing. You don’t realize how long 80 minutes is until you are in constant motion for nearly all of it.

It’s a long time.

Still, they won, fair and square, and we teachers then had our own little celebration at a nearby “establishment.”

Pink Fury Quidditch Team

Peace (in the air),

PS — Our Quidditch game is now in its 18th year, and is played in our gym. We call it “literation in motion” and connect writing, reading, art, music and dance to our Quidditch season.

  1. I have so enjoyed the taste of this extraordinary experience – when teachers are excited, students get excited. Passion is contagious. 18 years – incredible!

  2. Celebrating losing…that’s the spirit! I look forward to your blog since I never know what you’ll be writing about. Looks like a great group of colleagues. See you on Tuesday!

  3. I love hearing about it every year, and don’t remember but say “congratulations’ to the Pink Fury. We did this in volleyball, soccer and basketball and I agree, the staff older and slower were often grateful for new and younger staff members. Congrats also to your students, a “class act”.

  4. Celebrating effort and wholehearted participation is a great thing Kevin. They say attitude is everything. Well, it appears to be here in spades- a positive attitude that is. Thanks yet again for sharing and caring in this writing space we both love. Cheers mate!

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