Sketchnoting Tall Tales

Sketchnoting tall tales

I‘ve written about ways in which I am trying to bring more sketchnoting, or visual notetaking, into my sixth grade classroom as another means of active listening and active learning.

We did it with the presidential inauguration and this week, as we are diving into Figurative Language techniques, we did it while listening to the American Tall Tale of Davey Crockett (as an example of extreme hyperbole and storytelling). They had a lot of fun with this activity, and the doodling forced them to “close listen” to the stories of Davey Crockett.

The sketch above is mine.

Peace (doodle it),

  1. Close listening. I hope that becomes a skill for your students. I have made podcasting an option for research projects this semester and I have had a gratifying group of adherents take me up on it. Maybe the “Gutenberg Pause” is becoming unpaused and the Neo-Orality Age is upon us?

    anti-spami-orality: fog bench The wraith grabbed a handful of fog, clamped it down in his ghostly vice, and then began frailing on it until it was shaped into a scimitar so thin and sharp you could cut yourself just looking at it–that is if you could see it.

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