#CLMOOC Twitter Chat: An Invitation into Art and Connections


Today, we will be featuring two Twitter Chats for CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC). Two? you ask. Yep. Two. Since we are making a concerted push to find ways to include more of a global audience, we are having Chat Part One earlier in the day (1 p.m. EST) and Chat Part Two later in the day (7 p.m. EST). Jumping time zones is one way to ensure a wider participation. Or so we hope.

Today’s Twitter Chats will explore the intersections of art, and coloring, and writing, and Connected Learning principles, as the theme of this week’s Make Cycle has been a collaborative coloring book project now well underway.

It’s easy to get involved. Just check out the #CLMOOC hashtag on Twitter. A few questions from moderators will get you started but mostly, it’s about the conversations and connections (key elements of Connected Learning ideas). The comic above is one I made a few years ago to help folks navigate a Twitter Chat. It might still be useful, particularly if you have not participated in a chat before.

CLMOOC Twitter Chat

  • When: Today (Thursday)
  • Time:1pm ET/10am PT/5pm and 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC
  • Location: Twitter
  • What to bring: ideas, questions, insights and maybe an image or media to share
  • Suggestion: use the Tweetchat site as a way to manage the flow of discussion.

We’ll be Storifying the CLMOOC chats, too, so if you miss the chat, you can still get a taste of the discussions later on.

Peace (meet you there),

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