Make Cycles Never Really End

Officially (as if there was some stern administrator, with a clipboard in hand, checking off tasks), the first Make Cycle of CLMOOC is winding down. The reality is: CLMOOC Make Cycles never really ever end. That’s one of the many beautiful things about the crowd-sourced CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC): folks come in long after the summer and add to the creative adventures and conversations.

The door is always open, and the mantra continues to be: Whenever you arrive, you’re right on time.

Still, there are some flexible starting points and also, well, let’s call them, reflective points. I’ve written a lot already this week about the coloring and art that we have been doing, with a main project being the Collaborative Coloring Book, which now has nearly two dozen pieces submitted by CLMOOCers.

Check out the uncolored book, still underway, and with a soft deadline of September 1:

Check out the companion book where folks have colored other people’s pages:

Who knew coloring could be so inventive and so CLMOOC-like? Well, our friend Algot did, and Ron also has always used art for expressions and connections. Thanks to both Ron and Algot for a fantastic kick-start to the summer’s playful explorations. Even though Make Cycle One continues, Make Cycle Two is coming around the bend.

Peace (in sharing),

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