Turning Mountains into Molehills

My CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC) friends, Wendy and Karon, have been having some interesting creative conversations about data and design and poetry and music and more. I accepted an invitation to dip in. I gathered some sound files from music notation they were writing in Noteflight (music composition program) based on the data of conversations and worked to create a sort of fugue piece of music in Soundtrap (music recording program), using their melodies as loops and composing with their sounds as my paint.

Wendy has written a bit about what she and Karon were up to and also, Wendy also shared this post that is sort of like a map that leads you to other compilations (See this padlet and this Thinglink).

They have called their project Wendy’s Mountain, but I like to think the remixes are more like Molehills, entry points into underground landscapes that connect together in interesting ways.

Peace (sounds like overlapping melody),

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