Sprucing Up the Stopmotion Movie Site

Making Stopmotion Movies in the Classroom

I realized that my website resource for making Stopmotion Movies had a bunch of dead links and dead videos, so I spent some time this week making sure links worked and that old resources were replaced with new ones, etc.

Check out the Making Stopmotion Movies site. Use it and share it as you like.

As I note on the homepage …

Making movies encourages:

* Project-based learning
* Creativity
* Collaboration
* Story development skills
* Character development skills
* Presentation/Publication experience
* Technology expertise

And here are some links within the site:

We’re exploring animation and gif creation in CLMOOC this week. Come join us for a Twitter Chat today at 1 p.m. EST with the #clmooc hashtag.

Peace (beyond the camera click),

  1. The work of updating broken links is on-going. I visit every one of the 2000 plus links in the library and Chicago programs sections at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org at least once a year.

    It not only assures that they are working, but helps me re-acquaint myself with what these sites offer and new information they have added since I added them to my library, which for some could have been 15 years ago!

    One group that I look at a couple of times a year is the list of programs. I look to see how they are telling their stories and showing what help they need, or why they are needed in the first place. It’s really disappointing that so few do this really well.

    As I update links I share what I’m looking at via Tweets and occasional Facebook Posts in an effort to call attention to the information and to engage with the people in these organizations. That also is a bit of frustration because so few of them seem to be seeking engagement on-line with me.

    All of this is at risk because I’m hosting the library on a site managed by a volunteer in Indiana and because I don’t have funds or talent to really upgrade the sites to be as visually easy to navigate as they could be.

    Most of all, since I’m 70 I’m concerned that no one will step forward to take ownership of this library and all of the on-line content I’ve created…ideally before I’m gone. If that does not happen this all disappears with me.

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