The Kauffman Sketchbook: The Fire to Learn

(I’ve been digging through my draft blog posts in my draft post bin. How’d I get so many unused posts and book reviews in there? I’ll be sharing out some in the coming days, if only to clear my draft bin a bit. I’m using Alan Levine’s picture of Lego Bins at MIT to visually represent my blog bin. Don’t worry. I’ll try to make sure they are still somewhat relevant. — Kevin)

Bins flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

I stumbled across a video from this group that does interviews, and puts the audio to sketches. Very cool, and interesting from a viewing perspective (never mind the creating perspective — just think of the storyboarding that must go on here).

In this video, a fifth grade teacher talks about teaching reading, and the love of reading. I found myself getting lost in her words (in a good way) and I followed the sketchbook artists. What were they trying to complement in her voice with their pictures? That’s what hooked me here.

Peace (in the sketch),


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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I received a message today from an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, who had visited my web site. In part it said:

    I am reaching out to you pleading for your assistance. You can help me by considering coming to visit our school and talking with our students. My goal is to bridge the gap between our real world, the community, the arts, and our school. We serve students from Kindergarten to Sixth grade.

    I encouraged her to visit your web site for ideas, pointing to the #nextprez and middleweb articles you’ve written. And I encouraged her to join the #clmooc group.

    I told her that she and her students could apply many of the things you’ve tried with your students in her own school and she could use the work interns have done to interpret ideas on my blogs as source material.

    I don’t know what I could offer in one hour presentation to her students but if she sets up a study group where her sixth graders are digging into your ideas and mine, they could create their own stories and share them with younger students and their communities.

    I could coach this from Chicago.

    I hope she takes the time to look.

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