On the Cartographer’s Map (A Digital Poem)

We’re diving into maps and mapping in CLMOOC this month for a Pop-Up Make Cycle, and I was remembering a poem I had written about mapping. I had to dig around for it, and then read my own reflections that I had written the poem after taking care of my son who was sick with fever, and watching him push and pull at his blankets. The blanket was a map, I had imagined, and this poem came from there. To be honest, I now have trouble connecting the poem to that memory. But I think the poem stands on its own, particularly in this digital format, with images and text and music.

Peace (beyond the lines),

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  1. That drum track is beating in my skull. Loves it. And the long-lat cartesian stuff, too, with all its latent absurdity. Not your absurdity but rather the idea of capturing abstraction with x’s and y’s.

    antispami-woofwoofwoof: dogged pi What do you call a determined coconut creme? A dogged pi.

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