At Middleweb: Disrupting Thinking (book review)

My latest book review at Middleweb is a look at Disrupting Thinking by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst, who explore ways to counter the shrinking interest in reading by our students.

Disrupting Thinking Doodle Collage

I’ve written smaller pieces about this book since reading it this summer (and even did some chapter visualizing as I was reading the book as part of our doodle theme in CLMOOC), but here is my “official” review.

Head to Middleweb to read the review of Disrupting Thinking

Peace (learning),

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  1. Kevin,

    Succinct review.

    You provided just enough overview of the book that the teachers get interested to pursue it & will need to explore the merit of the book by themselves.

    Yes, tests have hijacked the reading. AR tests & Battle of the Books, in my humbel opinion, are not much better. Yes, they allow students wide range of choice but is it necessary to know which book has sword as pen (Battle of the Book Q for Persey Jackson) or what is Ms. XYZ’s room # (AR Question for Frindle)

    Happy Teaching.

    Purviben K, Trivedi-Ziemba

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