In Kintsugi: The Writer’s Voices in the Reader’s Head

In the latest edition of the Kintsugi magazine — an online publishing experience of gathering writers across the Mastodon network — I wrote a piece for the third editing, thinking about the experience of reading in online spaces, and how the voices of writers inhabit my reading experiences.

Mastodon Mag Comics (art for my articles)

My piece is at pages 16 and 17, but you should read some of the other pieces there, too. I’m enjoying this writing experience, and how being within a networked space allows words to tumble into other stories and insights. I appreciate Erdal as curator and editor and cheerleader for this publishing venture.

Peace (sounds like),

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  1. Kevin,

    Diary of the Wimpy kids & Captain Underpants are books I would not have read on my own. Thanks to my nephew, I was exposed to these books.

    I find denigrating parents a flaw of Wimpy kid series. Our daughter has counterpoint- according to her, Jeff K. show’s kid’s psych while writing this book & gives a voice to kids.

    How time flies!! 12th book in a series! Just like yours, the original reader of the 1st book had graduated from college in our family as well.

    Best wishes.


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