A Month of Morning Doodles (Collected)

Every morning, all month long, I have been doodling on a theme with my friends in CLMOOC (Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration). My approach has been to keep it simple: I used a stack of very small sticky notes, and my doodles on a sticky note were often done in pencil. I purposefully kept myself to a short time limit — read the theme, get inspired, doodle and share.

Collage bw

As a result, some of my doodles … look like they were done by a toddler with a big pencil (which is not to disparage any toddler artists out there, or the use of big pencils). Drawing has always been a creative weakness of mine, but I liked the freedom of the daily inspiration and I was often very impressed by the doodling of others in the #DecDoodle Twitter stream and elsewhere.

I gathered up all of my 31 doodles and sorted them, with a time-lapse camera running, and then put them all into an Animoto video. I lost the small bits of color I ever used  in the doodles in this video theme, but I could not resist the party elements.

Thanks, in particular, to Susan W. for inspiring the month of making art in CLMOOC!

Peace (doodle it!),

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  1. Hey Kevin. Happy New Year to you. Here’s a challenge. Go through my http://tutormentor.blogspot.com site from Jan 2017 to Dec. 31 and put my graphics in a video with the same format as you used to show your #decdoodle graphics.

    Is the video format a template that I or others might borrow to show our graphics during any of the #clmooc events, or as I suggested, from a blog like mine?

    Good luck in 2018 in all of your endeavors. Support from you and others has meant a lot to me in 2017.

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