A Month of Morning Doodles (Collected)

Every morning, all month long, I have been doodling on a theme with my friends in CLMOOC (Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration). My approach has been to keep it simple: I used a stack of very small sticky notes, and my doodles on a sticky note were often done in pencil. I purposefully kept myself to a short time limit — read the theme, get inspired, doodle and share.

Collage bw

As a result, some of my doodles … look like they were done by a toddler with a big pencil (which is not to disparage any toddler artists out there, or the use of big pencils). Drawing has always been a creative weakness of mine, but I liked the freedom of the daily inspiration and I was often very impressed by the doodling of others in the #DecDoodle Twitter stream and elsewhere.

I gathered up all of my 31 doodles and sorted them, with a time-lapse camera running, and then put them all into an Animoto video. I lost the small bits of color I ever used  in the doodles in this video theme, but I could not resist the party elements.

Thanks, in particular, to Susan W. for inspiring the month of making art in CLMOOC!

Peace (doodle it!),

  1. Hey Kevin. Happy New Year to you. Here’s a challenge. Go through my http://tutormentor.blogspot.com site from Jan 2017 to Dec. 31 and put my graphics in a video with the same format as you used to show your #decdoodle graphics.

    Is the video format a template that I or others might borrow to show our graphics during any of the #clmooc events, or as I suggested, from a blog like mine?

    Good luck in 2018 in all of your endeavors. Support from you and others has meant a lot to me in 2017.

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