A Year of Data: CLMOOC Postcard Collection

CLMOOC Data Postcard Collage 2017What began as a cool shared reading experience within the CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC) transformed into a year-long project in which we added a themed data element to the CLMOOC Postcard Project in 2017. The book that inspired the themes was Dear Data, which captured a letter exchange between two women in the form of data observed around their lives. The book was fantastic and a wonderful exploration of observation. (You can read my review of Dear Data.)

In 2017, CLMOOC put forth a theme each month (and used postcards as connector points for a summer Make Cycle), and a handful of us from around the world worked on our postcard exchange through the lens of data. I did it every month, keeping true of data, and got a little tired of data by the end (and I sent only one single postcard out in December, to my friend Karen, whose partnership sparked this whole thing.)

The collage above captures each of the postcards. I did mine in a program called Simple Diagrams, so that I could make copies for multiple postcards. On average, I sent out about 12 postcards each month to different folks on the CLMOOC postcard exchange.

Come join the CLMOOC postcard project. Send and receive mail, not email.

Peace (in the post),


  1. Thanks for this review and welcome to join in. The postcard idea by Karen has kept us connected and built relationships around the world.

    If you’re reading this, do take time to read the link in the post. Do as little or as much as you can. Join in as you can– that’s the point: life happens and we all must forge forward in our lives.

    I’ve found the postcards remind me of this: I receive one and am reminded of that person, their lives, and that we are each moving forward, separate, but together. I feel connected and part of the world. The whole world. It’s like there is a part of me across the country or world, and that together we keep the world together and make it better. So when you close your eyes and imagine the world, parts of each of us shine to light the world, especially in dark times.

    Thanks to all of you, the world is better. ~Sheri

  2. Making a postcard by hand and sending it off to others through snail mail is something special as compared to email.
    It takes more time. More attention. More care.
    While doing / making, the others are in your mind.
    Who will I send it to? Can’t send to all on the list, they’re too many. Who send me a card last time? What was it about? How was it made (pencil, computer, ink, paint)?

    Let’s keep these kind of activities going. Let’s keep sharing our thoughts, our art.
    Let’s make the world just a tiny little bit better thus.

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