Writing Poems in the #NetNarr Network

I’ve been trying to make sure I curate and collect some of the poems I have been writing each day for the Daily Arganee in the Networked Narratives space. I worry about poems getting lost. My intention with these particular poems with this particular project is to come to the prompt at a slant, so the poem may not always match up with the prompt. Instead, they are inspired by the prompts.

Peace (poetics),

  1. “Love is what we leave behind…”

    “Numbers. Data. Algorithms. None of these define me: I am the poem long left lingering in your mind~”

    I really enjoy your poetry, Kevin. I’m glad you put it together so we can appreciate it all in one place.

    (The way you animate your work is really cool, too. Really brings the work to life. Or, really give it new life? It’s one of those ^.^)


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