Six Word Slice of Life: Keyboard Symphony

(For this month’s Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers, I am aiming to do Six Word Slices most days, with some extended slices on other days.)

Context: We’re winding down an essay project on inventions. The other day, as every student in my entire class was working hard at moving from rough draft to final draft on the laptops, I noticed the sound of fingers on keys, clicking. When it’s just you, alone, you may notice the sound of your own starts and stops. When it’s a classroom of 20 sixth graders, the rhythm of writing takes hold in interesting ways, as a sort of collective writing symphony.

Six Word SOL Symphony

Peace (make writing into music),

  1. Pre-dawn keyboard solos slicing and creating.

    Ahhh. the power of six words.

    Love the contrast of multiple keyboards with just the one. Cool to think about and listen for.

  2. even your title is a 6-word story…but I thank you for a key to those just under the wire posts…and getting me into slicing in the first place

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