Six Word Slice of Life: Story Branches

(For this month’s Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers, I am aiming to do Six Word Slices most days, with some extended slices on other days.)

Context: We began our unit this week on Interactive Fiction, stories where there are “branches” or choices to be made, and every decision sends you on another path. A few kids have read these stories, and some immediately connect to the narrative arcs of video games, but for others, this is a whole new way of thinking of reading, and then writing, a story. So, I begin with read-aloud, and as a class, we make choices on the flow of a story — this one is called The Green Slime. On the board, I map out the choices we make, showing in visual fashion the various “branches” of the story. Four classes, one book, four very different maps.

Six Word Slice of Life Branches

Peace (branches for support),

  1. What a cool way to write — I especially like the link to the “genre”of video games. They know it and are engaged – so smart to connect the two. I am loving your six word stories. I tried it on Wednesday. Thanks!

  2. This unit of writing sounds amazing! It reminds me of the choose your own adventure stories. Brilliant.

  3. My grandson has been making video — mostly game reviews but some reflections. I was thinking he might like writing (or talking out) scripts too. Suggestions?

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