Six Word Slice of Life: NWP in DC

(For this month’s Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers, I am aiming to do Six Word Slices most days, with some extended slices on other days.)

Context: My wife and I headed to the airport after school, and flew together to Washington DC for the Spring Meeting of the National Writing Project. This gathering is about advocacy — the NWP’s funding has been cut by the Trump administration — as well as developing and supporting programs. I am involved in a new project stemming from a partnership between NWP and the National Park Service. However, with both my wife and I gone, we have been stressed and worried about the kids at home, enlisting family member and neighbors to help us. It will all be fine, and the two boys at home are old enough that this is not a problem. The problem is us. We leave home but never really leave home, if you know what I mean.

Six Word Slice of Life NWP

Peace (in distance),

  1. Your six words really capture that parental tug. I’d love to hear more about your participation in the partnership between NWP and the National Park Service. Safe travels!

  2. Your six words show the struggles of work life vs home life. Hope you can advocate for your project and NWP.

  3. So very true. The balance of our family, our work, and trying to be in multiple places at once was so beautifully expressed.

  4. Go NWP! I loved participating in my local Summer Institute several (I guess 5… yikes… time flies!) years ago, and I hate that funding is being cut. It’s an incredible experience.

    I loved the way you described that feeling of not being able to let go, even when you have physically removed yourself. That’s how I feel about teaching when I’m at home!

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