Six Word Slice of Life: Voting Rights

(For this month’s Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers, I am aiming to do Six Word Slices most days, with some extended slices on other days.)

Context: I still remember the day after the election of Trump, and my middle son coming down the stairs, with unmasked disbelief in his eyes. “How could this happen?” he asked, and I rambled out some answer that along the lines of, “I don’t know … we don’t really know the heart of our country … I don’t know.” (Now, of course, the news of Russian interference and social media hacking and other odd elements help somewhat explain the trend towards Trump, but not really the election itself … not completely … we know this corrupt fool is still supported by many, too many). Today, my middle son turns 18 and is ready to vote in elections, local and national, and for that, we celebrate. I would not say he is overly politically active, but he is politically aware and intelligent, and what we need is more aware and intelligent voters. Happy birthday, kid. The world needs you.

Six Word Slice of Life Voting Rights

Peace (like candles and wishes),

  1. How did that happen? Fix it!

    A 6-word response that comes to mind. I bet I could think of a few more, and also an extra couple words in that 6-word response would feel good, too.

    Happy birthday to your son. Eighteen’s a big deal.

  2. I know too many real people, a flood of them, who didn’t want Clinton in office to believe the whole Russia interference stuff. How I see things, Hillary is why Trump got elected. And there have been some surprising good things happen. So I guess we shall see how it all shakes out. Happy Birthday to him!

    • I have many of my friends (right-leaning and left-leaning) who were dead set against Clinton, too. They didn’t care who the opponent was. Just not Clinton. Not ever.

  3. Your post resonated with me, as I took my son to vote for the first time last November. (We were in disbelief after the election, too.)
    You may know of this resource already, but I really like . It’s a nonpartisan site that allows you to type in your address so you can see exactly which candidates are on your local ballot, and you can compare their answers to questions on current issues. You can make your choices as you go through the comparisons, then print out your list of preferred candidates to take with you to the polls. Very handy!

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