Tumbling Back in Time (An Archive of a Rock and Roll Band)

Big Daddy Kiljoy Collage

My guitarist friend passed me the large envelope and asked me to become its “owner.” I looked inside. It was filled with documents from one of our earliest rock and roll bands (Big Daddy Kiljoy). There were contracts for gigs, paper fliers that we used to put up around town, receipts from studio recording sessions, and more.

It was a travel down memory lane, for sure, and I digitized all the documents at home, and created the collage for him, and the drummer. The three of us — now nearly completing the formation of another band with the possible addition of a bass player — have been making music for more than 20 years, and it all began with the rag tag rock and roll of Big Daddy Kiljoy.

Wanna hear some from the archives? I wrote and sang the first song, and our friend, Tom, now deceased, sang the second song, written by Bob, the drummer.

Send Me Out a Sign

I Miss Understanding You


Peace (rocks out),



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