One Poem Surfacing From Inside Another

via Simon

I am always drawn in by my friend, Simon, and his blog posts. They are rich with imagery, and emotion, and wondering, and although sometimes I have trouble following where he is going (and yet, I seem to find myself right where he led me), I keep going forward. I float in his language.

This morning, he shared a poem at his blog and as I read it, I saw another poem emerging from beneath his poetry. It seemed like I just needed to create a digital poem for him, if only to reflect his words back to him as a reader honors the poet.

So, I did.

Thank you, Simon.

Peace (in the poem),

PS — this was made in Lumen5.

  1. I loved this found poem piece Kevin. The music conveyed circular to me which is why I made the connection with Enso.

    It appears that I can feel Enso everywhere at the moment as am concentrating on « mindful » (more mindless) exercise, or rather bodyful exercise where gesture, forming of expression or revealing obstacles to expression are high lighted cf somatic experiencing:

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