Perspectives On The Writing We Did

We ran out of time in the school year to do the kind of thorough reflection that my students really should do at the end of the year in my ELA class. Some got to the digital writing portfolio project and did a fine job, while others were finishing up another project, and the clock ran out on us. Sigh.

But this list that I created as guide is a nice overview of the entire school year, seen through the lens of writing and technology. The list itself gave my students some perspective on what we accomplished through the 2017-18 school year.

  • Dream Scene (Slides)
  • Time Travel Story (Docs)
  • Fake News Comic (Slides)
  • Peace Poster Artist Statement (Docs)
  • Booksnap (Draw)
  • Independent Book Report (Slides)
  • Video Game Review (Docs)
  • Parts of Speech Color-Coding (Docs)
  • Tall Tale Story (Docs)
  • Quidditch Play Design (Docs)
  • Invention Essay (Docs)
  • Eponym Invention (Draw)
  • Interactive Fiction (Slides)
  • Rikki Tikki Tavi Story Remix (Docs)
  • Three Haiku Poems (Slides)
  • Digital Poetry Book (Slides)
  • Argument Essay (Docs)
  • Stuck in a Game Story (Docs)
  • Digital Picture Book Project (Slides)

Looking at it this way, I can see (and my students could remember) the wide variety of projects and range of writing we accomplished in the school year.

Peace (writing it),

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