From Possibilities to Connections

Write Out Map, wk 2

We’re entering the second week of Write Out, where the themes do a natural shift from “mapping possibilities” to “mapping connections” as we urge educators and park rangers to make plans and efforts to connect with each other.

We have nearly 85 pins on our GeoLocation Map (which has been viewed now more than 1,300 times) and this week’s newsletter is now out with all sorts of invitations for you to think about. While the hope is that teachers will write with rangers, the larger aim is to make connections so that students will also have those opportunities.

As with the first week, we have broken down possibilities based on time you have available, so whether you only have a little bit of time (you might Wander) or a significant amount of time (you might Camp Out), there are possibilities for you to consider.

Read the second Write Out Newsletter

See you on the trails! (Live events include a Connect with Me Google Hangout session on Tuesday night at 7 p.m. est and a Twitter Chat on Thursday at 7 p.m. est).

Peace (outside and in),


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