Comic Reflection: Some Final-ish Thoughts on E-Learning 3.0

This sort-of final reflection is for E-Learning 3.0 with Stephen Downes, and the musings of my experience — here in the form of a comic — is part of what may be a final project around “community.” I say “may” because a few of us are trying to discern a path forward with the open-ended element of Stephen’s call.

This thinking all relates to the possibility of how learning and teaching might unfold in the distributed web environment, where trust and a sense of belonging to something larger (even if you are removed from the center) is a key component to the way the future of learning, mostly online learning, might yet unfold. This is why we explored Block Chain, and elements of the Distributed Web, and Identity, as well as Credentials and Badging. Plus other topics I may have already forgotten.

One path towards Stephen’s assignment, suggested by Roland, is to create reflective posts together and those words, bound as they are by a shared purpose, create a sense of community formed around the EL30 experience. Another path, suggested by Laura, is to come to a collaborative consensus to define “community.” I’m happy to explore both ideas, as Jenny notes in her reflection, although I am not sure — as neither is Matthias, I think — either creates “community.”

Either would create connections.

Is that the same thing?

El30 Reflection Comic El30 Reflection Comic El30 Reflection Comic

Peace (in the panels),

  1. Yes – my thinking has been pushed too – as you say – in a good way, but not without its frustrations!

    Thanks for sharing your reflections. I have been wondering how long it takes you to create these comments and what you use to create them. For me it would be really hard work to create a comic 🙂

    Like you, I am having a problem with this idea of community for this week’s task. I perfectly understand the requirement for consensus (or think I do), but I cannot see that reaching consensus equates to community formation.

    I’m hoping Stephen’s summary for the week will clarify what he means by this.

  2. sped up videos! That made me smile – it’s what I tell my students to do if they want to go over any of our sessions/discussions. I say, you know how long it takes the pasta to boil? -you can hear a lot in that time (at double speed!) 🙂

    ps I love your comics!

  3. Just out of interest, do you write out the script first and then use Comics Head to find the right images. I own a copy of Nick Sousanis’ book – Unflattening – and I found the explanation on his website of how he designs his comics, fascinating.

    • I usually have a general idea but I don’t write it out. Sometimes, with a single frame comic, it’s simple. With something longer like this, I had a sticky note with some main points. Since the app does the art for me (sort of cheating), I focus on the writing and then work the art to match the writing. Nick does things by hand, so his work is more complicated and more complex, more individual. Still, for me, this process works.

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