Slice of Life: A Gift of Peace

(I often write about my teaching life here for Slice of Life, but I wanted to share this musical gift. Slice of Life takes place over Two Writing Teachers.) 

My songwriting friend, John, and I worked on writing and recording this song as a gift for family and friends, and others, for the holiday season. We actually wrote it years ago but then we went into a local recording studio earlier this year to do a more polished version.

Meanwhile, we hired my eldest son to produce a short video to go along with the song, and he did a fine job of crafting a story of the gift that moves along from person to person.

Here, then, is a gift of peace to you, my connected friends in Slice of Life, and CLMOOC, and beyond.

If you just celebrated the Hanukkah season, or if you celebrate some other holiday — or even none at all — I hope you still accept this gift of peace as a token of friendship and that you pass it on to others.

Peace (in song),


  1. Beautiful, and so much needed this season and always. Such talent you and your family have! Thanks for sharing it with us today; I will share it forward!

  2. This is beautiful. I allowed my heart to just experience it the first time – to enjoy, respond and feel. Then I let my head get involved – so many ways to use this in a classroom. The layers of meaning added with the music and the movie are really powerful. Kids would love to do this – it is everything literacy should be. Thank you for the inspiration, gift, and beautiful message. BTW – you are really talented!!

  3. Glad I took a few moments to listen to your song of peace this am while I had breakfast. I loved seeing the different kids and their individual body language as they carried the gift. The whole video is very thought provoking, inspiring and calming. Thanks for the unexpected gift. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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