EL30: A Visual Sense of Community, Connected

I’ve been pondering how best to represent — and more importantly, how to best connect — the various reflections that some of us have been doing related the latest task in E-Learning 3.0, which is to create a distributed web community and be part of it. We’ve done a lot of thinking, pushing back, defining and un-defining.

Consensus? Eh, maybe not completely. In the end, one of the tasks many of us seemed to have agreed upon is to write a reflection of our learning in the course with Stephen Downes and to make connections with others through that process. These shared experiences might then lead towards a sort of distributed community.

Here is my attempt, using screenshots and a collage a connected quilt, with links to blog posts, all via ThingLink. I hope I didn’t miss any bloggers. I probably did. But these are the ones that were in my digital periphery.

Peace (shared),


  1. I’m coming to all of this from the outside, and wondering why Stephen is focusing on the concept of a community at all. Stephen’s a smart cookie,though, so I know he will have his reasons.

    But it seems to me that there’s lots of folk on the distributed web who are not part of my community, and probably never will be, yet I trust what they say about particular things.

    And I really, really hope that the notion of consensus turns out not to be important – unless agreeing to disagree is allowed.

    But, as I say, I am looking in from the outside, and maybe talking past the point.

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