A Return to Networked Narratives

Internet Mapping Project 2018

A third iteration (three, right?) is underway for Networked Narratives, a university course also opened up to the world for open participants. It is overseen by Mia Zamora and Alan Levine. One of the first assignments is to use Kevin Kelly’s Internet Map project. I did this recently with my sixth grade students, so I will feature their artwork here.

More Internet Maps

Peace (into the ahead),

    • I’ve done it two years and there has not been a huge shift in thinking. I like how the visualization brings to the surface some of their concerns about social media and technology and some of the places they go to be themselves (or versions of themselves, aka digital identities)

  1. Thanks for sharing your student’s work. Look forward to peering at you, through the web, during #NetNarr 2019! I’m blogging here https://networkedstories.blogspot.com/

    Anti-Spam stories: “dollar be” (following a trend of telling #smallstories according to the anti spam phrase give)

    Dollar be this and dollar be that. We are so influenced by our bank balance. My son had $13 dollars in his purse. After walking into one toy shop, he got upset and wanted to leave. He wanted to go home and ‘do jobs’ and get rich so he could get the big box he wanted. Dollar be gone!

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