An Experiment of Sorts: Some Reasons for Remix

I am trying out Powtoon for Education as a way to enrich a unit on expository/informational writing with my students … and I thought I might as well explore the reasons why one might remix as I explored the site …

Peace (nearly remixable),


  1. Hi Kevin,

    As always, your insights and work help us all learn. We’ve been discussing the “remix culture” since CLmooc began– all of us in that community. It’s still a part of how we think and share. This was perfect timing for something I was blogging about today, so I’ve remixed your ideas into an image and pdf which, I hope, you find matches your intent, as my intention is to honor your work. Thanks for the “play” and sharing that you do to support connected learning. Here’s my post: Curation as Remix Thank you! ~ Sheri

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