Random Access Poetry: Day Six

A Bluebell and some Daffs flickr photo by Duck 1966 shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Updated Note: the image that inspired this poem was not a Creative Commons image, so I asked permission from the photographer to share it. This link will bring you to the photograph and photographer, who worked to make the photo embeddable. I offer my gratitude to you, David. Thank you.  — Kevin

Random Access Poetry: Day Six

The thing about poems
is they stop time, cold,
in its tracks —

Looking back, a poet
with pen tries to find
the lost words

they heard in the lilt of
a voice, the whisper in
the ear

now they only hear
the stalled train on tracks and
remember the flowers


Peace (along the rails),

PS — I found the photo through the use of Alan Levine’s random search tool for Flickr


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